Taylor’s Brace Urbane

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Spinal brace to providing full support and comprehensive coverage to thoracic-lumbar-sacral spinal sections. The brace immobilizes the spine in neutral position, still permitting the requisite body movement for normal activity while keeping the weak spine structure protected and in correct posture.

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Made of durable aluminum frame
Two rigid upright para-spinal bars pre-contoured to keep the spine in its natural position – Semicircular splint at the base covers the hip joint and sacrum for rigid immobilization of the entire vertebral column
Anatomically shaped for a perfect fit and rigid immobilization
Removable thoracic horizontal splint prevents rotation of the upper torso and provides additional immobilization and stability
All provided splints are long enough to cover the anatomical regions at the scapula, pelvis, and sacrum, which are necessary for effective immobilization
PU foam padding ensures excellent comfort
Shoulder pads are well cushioned to prevent any axilla pressure, providing good holding and shoulder posture correction
Looped front panel at the abdomen provides customized tightening with hook-loop to achieve the desired fitting as per user need
Snap-swivel buckle provides easy wearing and removal of the product with minimal movement.

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