Pouch Arm Sling Urbane

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Designed for people who want to flaunt a sling as an accessory. It holds, supports and immobilizes the sprained, broken or surgically operated arm in flexion, while it recuperates. A chic, sleek and air-ventilated design suits tropical conditions.

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Outer layer with raising provides soft feel and plush looks
Middle PUF layer imparts cushioning and wrinkle free property.
Inner layer gives the required strength and non-tear ability
Design ensures that the chest remains uncovered.
Highly ventilated system of interconnected holes further improves air circulation and patient comfort.
Sling with double adjustment allows proper fitting and positioning of the arm.
P.U shoulder pad takes the entire load of the arm and provides comfort without any strain to the neck.
Thumb cradle maintains the thumb in the abduction and relieves thumb fatigue

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