Pelvic Traction Belt

A traction halter to hold the pelvic area and pulls the sacral, lumbar and thoracic areas of the vertebral column. The technical design ensures the maximum traction effect is felt at the spine and not at the lateral sides of the pelvis. The pelvic traction belt through the strong slings on the two sides gets attached to the spreader bar, traction pulley bracket and weights

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Three-layered aesthetically pleasing, PU-bonded fabric.
The skin interface layers provide a soft feel and plush look. The middle PUF layer imparts excellent cushioning and wrinkle-free property.
Pelvic Traction Belt is used with Tynor’s complete Pelvic Traction Kit
Pelvic Traction Kit – Pelvic traction kit comprises of a pelvic traction belt, a spreader bar, a traction pulley bracket and a traction cord. It is used to impart uniform and controlled traction to the lumbar, sacral and thoracic regions.
Traction pulley bracket – A versatile design which can be used for all kinds of tractions and practically on all kinds of beds. The flexible pulley arm can be adjusted at various angles to suit the individual needs of the traction type, the bed or the patient.
Spreader Bar – Made out of coated mild steel. It helps to spread the force of traction equally on both sides of the belt.
Traction cord – Made by a fine weaving technique to give a smooth silk finish to reduce the frictional loss of traction force.