OA Knee Support (Neo)

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Scientifically designed to provide a counter force to correct varus or valgus thrust and some offloading action. It helps to allay pain within a few weeks of use. It can also correct mild to medium varus/ valgus deformity of the knee with prolonged use. It offers the advantage of controlled compression around the knee and the rigid side support of a splint. It allows normal flexion and free movement of the knee joint.

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Oblique elasticized bands provide counter force to correct varus or valgus thrust, & allay pain.
Corrects the mild deformity on prolonged use.
Rigid bi-axial hinge ensure full weight bearing along with free and natural knee flexion.
Anterior closing & anatomic construction ensures strong support no bunching & easy application.
Ideal Neoprene fabric construction for four-way stretch
Strong nylon fabric which ensures a long life, good aesthetics and color fastness.

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