Knee Support Urbane

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An effective and optimized product to confidently manage knee pain caused by exercise, sports or conditions like osteoarthritis. It supports muscle recovery after stiffness, swelling and inflammation by providing therapeutic compression and warmth for quick recovery.

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Knitted on the state of art CNC flat knit machine to provide a 3-D, anatomically shaped fabric, in a double layer of nylon yarn.
Intermingled spandex provides a unique four-way stretch to the fabric which gives superior compression and knee support.
Spandex thread runs spirally in the matrix of nylon locks to ensure its free movement to allow uniform compression even on uneven diameters of the limbs.
The silicone patellar ring eliminates the pressure on the patella,
Silicone insert massages gently and improves blood circulation.
Anti-slip coating ensures no migration.

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