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A user-friendly device to provide controlled hot fomentation. Hot fomentation of the injured/sprained area is particularly helpful for sub-acute and chronic injuries. It induces vasodilation to that part and helps bring in nutrients, oxygen, and cells that promote healing. The warmth decreases muscle spasms, relaxes tense muscles, relieves pain and decreases joint stiffness, which helps to increase the range of motion. Along with pain-relieving drugs, hot fomentation has a synergistic effect.

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Thermostat for accurate temperature control.
PTFE insulated heating element for complete protection against electric shock, higher temp stability and long functional life.
Washable pad (Dip wash)
No residual current
Multi-layered insulation for safety and proper distribution of heat.
Durable heating element
Long connecting cable.
Soft and flexible
Belt for proper holding
High-quality fabric Pad has excellent aesthetics and workmanship with a feather touch soft feel. It is flexible, conforms to the body contours and ensures no hot spots.
Design features: Water-repellent thermostat, Detachable cord, Stable heating temp, 90 min. shutoff with an LED indicator, 40°-80° temperature range.

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