Bunion Splint

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Designed to correct the Hallux Valgus deformity of the big toe. On wearing, the toe is stretched in an overcorrected position, leading to the elongation of soft tissues around the big toe; the mal-positioning is corrected over time. The device can also be worn as a post-operative aid after bunion surgery to stabilize the corrected alignment

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Ergonomic design Light weight, sleek design, anatomically shaped for good fit.
Can be worn in shoes.
One size fits almost all.
Dynamic Hinge Joint allows walking.
Metal rivet ensures durability of the joint.
Molded PE foam Cushion Pad provides enhanced cushioning and comfort.
High quality tapes and fasteners are durable, are easy to wear and remove.
Dynamic hinge action keeps the foot flexible, so can be worn during walking.
It is good, both as a day or night splint.

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